What does that word even mean? March 03 2015

Pekweeno? Pek-you-eno? P-P-P-those nappy purses...

Its pronounced Pekenyo and we don't mind that you can't pronounce it!

It means "little'' or "little one" in Spanish which obviously describes the fact that our purses are compact and that they are designed to help mums with their little ones. It's also a word that's unique, stylish and exotic. And that's us.

We want to break the rules about what a nappy bag needs to be.We are different and we are proud of it.

One half of our Pequeno team spent a long time living and working in Spain so it also reflects a little bit of where we came from.

Do you like it? We would love to hear what you think.

5 places I took my Pequeno Nappy Purse today! October 08 2014

Seriously! I don't go anywhere without this nappy purse. If I leave home with out it, I go back to get it.

A basic version of the current Pequeno purse was designed for me by my mother-in-law when I first had my baby and I cannot imagine life without it. This is a true story about the 5 places I took my 18 month old boy and my nappy purse today:

1. I took it to the coffee shop on the way to the park - let's be honest, with a toddler there is not a lot of sitting around in cafés anymore, so obviously a takeaway! Popped a fiver in the zip pocket for the latte. All good!

2. Now mummy has coffee, we  headed over to the park. I left the pram at the side of the play ground as I spend the whole time chasing him. Never keen to leave my phone and keys in there too, I hung the purse over my shoulder while I climbed, chased and pushed my toddler around the park. Down the slide? No problems! The latte not so great down the slide... I used the wipes in my purse to clean the spilt coffee from my own leg!!

3. After the park, I slipped my purse in to the pram when I go for a walk, while my bub had a sleep (I wore him out at the park)

4. We stopped at the fruit market on the way home. He loves to ride in the trolley but I spend most of the time making sure he doesn't grab and throw the oranges, apples, lemons - whatever he can get his hands on! Hung the Pequeno purse over my shoulder for the duration of that trip - keys and phone safe and hands free for toddler duty.

5. Dad came home in the afternoon so the three of us went down to the creek for a swim on a hot day. Transfered the purse out of my day bag and into the beach bag. Easy!