About Us

We are a family company, based in Gold Coast, Australia that specialises in stylish and functional nappy purses. Our purses are 100% designed in Australia.

We designed these purses through frustration with the lack of any products for mums that didn't feel baby-ish or just a little daggy. When it comes to an item like a nappy purse, made for the mum and not the baby, we saw an opportunity to make mums feel a little bit more stylish in their day to day mum life, while helping them to be more organised when they go out with baby.

We hope you love these bags as much as we do and that they give you the freedom to make the most of this precious time with your baby.

Maggie & Sarah


Our inspiración





Pequeño means "little" or "little one" in spanish. Sarah has travelled extensively and speaks spanish and loves everything about spanish culture. "Spanish has influenced so much for me I just love it. When I had my own niño pequeño (little boy), I wanted to incoporate this love in to my business and life as a mum". The word Pequeño is such an interesting and unique word, and it represents all the mums out there who are unique and beautiful and stylish and want to maintain this sense of "exotic'' when they become a mum.